Ultimate Fiverr Guide for Beginners

Hi, If you are interested to earn money from Fiverr then you are in the right place I am your Fiverr guide having more than 7 years of experience and in this short article, you will get the ultimate Fiverr guide if you are still a beginner and guaranteed to get more Fiverr orders.


How does Fiverr work?

You will join Fiverr from my referral link and I will earn money from the referral. On the other hand, you will start earning from Fiverr by providing services in the terms of Gig.

You can provide any service online by sitting on your computer for clients and earning some bucks.


Still, Confused?

Let me explain further.

For example, if your client has many images and he/she wants to remove the photo background then you can provide a service (which is called Gig) where you offer to remove the image background. Let spouse client has only a single photo then you can charge $5 or if your client has 10 photos then you can charge whatever you want for example $50 or you can offer a discount of up to 10 images and charge $40 for 10 photos. This is just an idea you can charge whatever you will is better.


In the next step, clients will order you from all over the world and you will just remove their image’s background and that’s it. You will deliver their order and will earn a decent amount.


Ultimate Fiverr Guide?


For this service you don’t need to do anything just visit the following website and follow the steps:

Open website “remove.bg” which is totally free of charge.

Simply upload your photos one by one or in bulk and it will automatically identify the image category, and content type and will remove the background within two, three seconds.

Click on download to get a transparent background image.


That’s it. You are done.


You can send this photo to your client or if they want to add a specific background behind the photo you can upload that image in adobe photoshop and open a new image as per your photo size and drag and drop your transparent photo in photoshop.

Copy your transparent photo with the combination of keys “CTL+A” and go to the newly created background image and press “CTL+V” to paste your transparent photo. and save it.


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