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Life of Tokyo

The other day, when I went to Tokyo with my friends, I went to see the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Since it was a holiday, it was crowded with locals and tourists.

This time I only stayed for about 2 hours, but next time I wanted to spend a day.


In addition to going up to the Sky Tree, there are many shops, Konica Minolta’s planetarium, and aquarium, so it’s a spot where you can play all day long.

However, the tickets that go up to the planetarium and Sky Tree seemed to sell more and more, so it is wise to go early in the morning, get a numbered ticket or ticket, go around the shop, or eat rice. think.

Shopping was open before 17:30 when the light-up started, and it was a
little-known time.

The light-up was soft and gentle, and the light came on from above, and it was very beautiful.

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