Some common mistakes that new bloggers make

If you are a beginner blogger trying to grow your blog and you can’t figure out why it’s not growing? Let me just tell you I have been there since I first started my blog. I spent months thinking that how I can grow my blog. I thought I was doing all the right things. I was reading a ton of blog posts, and articles and watching YouTube videos Bala Bala.


I was attending webinars and I thought that I was getting all the information that I needed to grow my blog. But for some reason, it wasn’t growing and I thought that I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing. Because I was following what other people were telling me to do. But it back to the point where I was. So frustrated that I wasn’t growing and I knew that something had to change.

So today I want to share some tips with you honestly. I want to share some common mistakes that a lot of beginner bloggers make when they get started and all of these mistakes I made myself.


So I want to share with you some mistakes that you may be making and how you can correct them to actually start growing your blog.

Let’s jump into some most common mistakes that new bloggers make.


When I was getting started I thought that I had to be on Facebook groups and if you are one of those people that wastes way too much time in Facebook threads, doing the comment for comments, like for likes, Follow for follows, sharing blog posts, etc.


Honestly, I am telling you it is a waste of time. You could definitely be using the same strategies. But you have to do some real work that would actually grow your blog.


When I was getting started I joined a ton of Facebook groups. Because I thought that was the way that I was gonna grow.

I was like. Oh, I’m gonna make connections.


I’m gonna promote my blog post every Tuesday because that’s how my blogs came out. I noticed that I was only getting a spike in traffic every Tuesday. Because I was getting those views from his Facebook threads. But I wasn’t actually getting quality followers and wasn’t actually reaching the right audience.


Do you really want to grow your blog? Get off those Facebook threads they are not helping you at all. One day someone told me about posting on Pinterest and I started posting immediately.


We all do this. Let’s be honest we all do this especially when we are getting started. We compare ourselves to more experienced more qualified or just bloggers that have been blogging for so much longer than us. I was blogging for maybe six months and I was comparing myself to bloggers that had been blogging for over five years. It’s unhealthy. It’s awkward and it’s not gonna get you anywhere.

So if you were trying to run your blog and you keep looking at those other bloggers and you’re like what are they doing maybe.


I can copy off of them maybe you can follow some of their strategies. Stop doing it. Honestly speaking don’t copy someone who is already succeeded. Start working mission work on building your own unique brand and don’t copy off of other people. Just stop comparing yourself to other people. It’s not healthy for you.


I have definitely done it. I have gone on Pinterest and I saw what are other people in my industry talking about. Okay, I could do this spin-off and maybe create this kind of blog post. Because it’s working for them and it will work for me.


I’ve done it, I’ve been there and I’m sure that you’re gonna run into this in the future.


If you haven’t run into it already there are a lot of copycats and a lot of similar blog posts out there. But if you really want to make your own path you need to create content that you actually want to create. What you think will be good the way that you stand out is by creating something unique and not copying off of other people.


But in the beginning, if you want to get some post views it is okay because everyone wants to improve their page views. More page views lead to more money, more opportunity, more followers, more of an impact, and honestly just more success.


If you’re looking to get those page views that’s fine.


Because everyone is doing it but do not write blog posts just to get a click. Do not use clickbait titles that is the worst thing that you could do is get just some clicks to your website. But when people land on your post they feel clickbait and bounce off immediately and realize that that wasn’t the content that they were actually looking for.


So this is the worst thing that actually hurt you more than visitors one day. it’s gonna be a short-term impact, a short result, not long-term growth.

I know I’m not the only one that has done this but checking your analytics every day is such a bad habit and it’s such a common mistake that a lot of bloggers make.


They get bogged down by their analytics they check it every single day. They want to see it grow and when your blog isn’t growing you just get grumpy you just get sad and trust me I have been there I used to check my analytics every single day to the point where I made a rule for myself that I wasn’t allowed to check my analytics for one whole month. And that was really a wake-up call for me checking our analytics honestly.


Such a waste of time especially if you are not really growing. Check your analytics, try to learn more real, and start trying out new strategies that might actually grow your blog instead of being bogged down. Most bloggers just spend months and months maintaining blogs and they think that they are working on growing their blog but in reality, they’re just maintaining it.


If you are just writing blog posts every week sharing on Instagram, managing your Pinterest profile, and just doing the bare bones to keep your blog alive to keep it active that isn’t growing your blog.


You may be thinking oh but I’m reading blog posts that are adding a new blog post that’s helping my SEO strategy. so my Pinterest strategy it’s helping me get more opportunities for people to land on my website. but that’s just not the reality you are only maintaining. you are doing the bare minimum that you have to do as a blogger. so if you want to grow your blog you have to think of more advanced strategies.


Think about how you can grow your email by creating more options.

you can start with collaborations and work with other bloggers.

start reading guest posts.

having guest posts on your website maybe join more affiliate programs.

write affiliate posts and try to grow your income that way maybe work on creating a paid product.


If you’re at that stage in your blogging game there are so many things that you can do to grow your blog instead of just maintaining it. So don’t get caught up in just doing the bare minimum always strive to do more and more every single week.


I hope that you have some goals set for your blog. if you don’t you need to set some goals for your blog seriously. it is so important to help you continue to grow. because if you’re not setting goals at all you’re probably going to remain stagnant.


But one of the common mistakes that a lot of bloggers make is that they shoot too high and their goals. they set really long-term big goals like they want to be making a hundred thousand dollars a month or something insane. but that isn’t practical especially if you are at the beginning.


So if you’re a blogger that’s maybe shooting too high maybe you’re shooting too far away. Set short-term practical goals that you can achieve. I’m talking to weak goals month goals, quarter goals things that you can cross off your list to help you feel like you’re accomplishing something.


Because when you’re getting started as a blogger I know how it feels when you see that your blog isn’t growing. you feel like you’re wasting your time. you feel like you’re not making an impact. you start to doubt yourself if this isn’t even worth it or if you’re ever going to be successful.


So if you want to grow and if you want to motivate yourself set short-term goals to create an action plan with all the steps that you need to do and then follow them that’s gonna help you to get beyond that step of maintaining your blog and move forward to actually growing it.


you’ve probably heard this before but if you’re waiting for the perfect moment will never come and that is something that so many people do they wait for everything to be perfect before they make the action so a common mistake that bloggers make is that they want that blog post to be perfect.


they want that Instagram floater to be perfect and they don’t take that next step the next big action even if it’s just a tiny action they don’t take it because it’s not perfect it’s not what they envisioned and sometimes you just have to take some imperfect action and do something instead of doing nothing you’re not going to grow if you don’t write that blog post if you don’t send that email if you don’t reach out to that company you’re not going to grow so you need to start working on just taking action and this is something that I do with my own Instagram account.


I get comments all the time honestly my mother texted me the other day letting me know that I had a typo in one of my captions because for me it’s better than launch-that Instagram post it’s better to write that caption and have there be some errors than to not do it at all don’t be afraid to make mistakes you’re going to make mistakes and just just take some action number nine is such a big one and it is worrying about what other people think all of us do.


It blogger or not I’m sure that you have done it and this is something that can be totally crippling especially if you were trying to grow your blog if you are so worried about what other people think of the content that you create the business that you were creating the things that you were doing you are getting so bogged down worrying about what other people think of you.


It’s just it’s not healthy for one it goes back to just not being healthy with a comparison game but it’s also not productive and it’s not helping you to move forward what I tend to say to people when they are worried about what other people will think. I ask them well what do you think how do you feel about it are you proud of it. are you happy with the direction that you are going are you content with your journey? because if you are happy that’s all that matters you don’t need to worry about other people.


because here’s the reality not everyone is going to like you. it’s true I have gotten comments emails DMS from people that do not like me and do not like the content that I create. do not like the business that I am building and that is fine because not everyone is going to like me that I sit here every single week trying to talk to one person then I can help that one person that I can push to create some change in their life and to really grow their audience online. if that’s what they want to do I’m here to share my knowledge with that one person that really really needs it.


So don’t worry about what other people think and if you start to get in that mindset just ask yourself am I happy with this am I proud of what I am doing if I am and I have to keep going and the very last one kind of goes along with that and that’s trying to reach everyone instead of trying to reach one main audience I have seen so many bloggers do-this to just create a wide variety of content they’re trying to reach everyone out there because they think if they have a larger audience the more of an opportunity is for people to find them.


but in reality there is such a benefit to niching down and getting specific on the audience that you want to target so my main audience is bloggers youtubers business owners but mainly bloggers and youtubers and it’s typically females that is my main audience you are confused on who your audience is and right now you’re just creating a ton of content.


you’re trying to reach everyone it’s probably not helping you grow because you’re not reaching the right people that you could really have an impact on so the first thing that you need to do is figure out the mission behind your blog figure out the purpose and come up with your why.?


why are you doing this why are you creating it.?


because you want to share your talents and something maybe you want to have a positive impact on others maybe you want to make people laugh maybe you want to create change maybe you want to just educate people.


It all really depends on what you’re talking about within your blog but you have to come up with your why and then figure out who you are trying to reach with that figure out who your audience is who you could directly impact and come up with that one single person that you can talk to come up with a whole entire person give them a name gives them a personality give them a location come up with all the details that you kind of how about one person and then write content for them brainstorm the content that you can create that will reach them that they would be interested in and that would help them so that is it for this video honestly.


I have so many tips and so many things that I could share with you it’s so many mistakes that I have made I go way beyond this list but that’s just kind of the basics that I want to talk about today so if you like this video.

if you found it helpful please give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel let me know in the comment section down below what other videos you would like to see and I will see you guys back here in another video very soon bye guys I don’t know why I do these spirit fingers I feel like that’s like so unnatural bye guys is that even natural peace.

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