Reliable beauty salons and hair removal salons with polite customer service

People who are new to beauty salons and hair removal salons tend to be worried about what kind of customer service they will receive and whether they will be forced to sign a contract.

Very rarely, there are salons that offer intimidating customer service and salons that force contracts, but such beauty salons and hair removal salons in Mito Esthetic Ranking rarely become such important.

At J-Esthe, we focus on educating estheticians and receive solid service.

J-Esthe is a major comprehensive esthetic salon with stores nationwide.

It can be said that it is a total beauty salon that prepares beauty hair removal courses as well as beauty treatment menus such as facials, body treatments, and tightening.

The interior of J-Esthe is a clean space based on white and has a reputation for being cozy. For the first time, you can feel free to challenge esthetics and hair removal at a great campaign price, and you can also receive free counseling.


At this time, the beauticians who provide counseling are knowledgeable and kind, and of course, I do not say that they will force me to sign a contract.

If you have any questions, consult an esthetician during counseling and they will teach you one by one.

In particular, the fee system, which is difficult for beginners to understand, will be taught in detail at the first time, so you can decide whether to contract after asking the amount.

You can rest assured that you will never be forced to sign up for a high-priced course without your knowledge.

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