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Subject: The subject of our pen is yours
The effects of #lockdown in the new generation

Prior to the lockdown march on March 2, 2012, the owners of all the SIM companies were shocked and upset as the net packages were declining significantly. The bank balances of the cinema officials were also declining instead of increasing. This was happening because the influx of children and young people into the cinemas was declining day by day, the demand for clothes, shoes, and toys had dropped significantly, due to which even the businessmen were worried. The season had probably lost its luster, forcing the owners of the marriage hall to plunge into a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrouble.

In addition to the worries of all these people, some gentlemen were swimming in the swimming pool of happiness, the most skilled swimmers were the parents, whose happiness was enviable because they are not currently facing the new nonsense of their young children. In the second place, government teachers and top education officials were not happy as their bank balances were skyrocketing in their efforts to skyrocket, and in the third and last place, the owners of happy stationery and There were traders whose stationery sales had increased significantly.

In fact, the real culprits for the above worries and joys were the students of the new generation, because their papers were full of joys and worries. The prayers of the troubled students finally came to fruition and the coronavirus took the form of a bloodthirsty virus, which led to the imposition of lockdown, and thus the season of papers came to an end.

After the lockdown, there was no reduction in the worries of anyone other than students and mobile SIM owners, but there was a significant increase in worries, as the students lost their papers while the younger generation graduated from net packages. And call packages exceeded expectations,

Yes, of course, the gentlemen who used to be happy, now all but a few government teachers were full of grief because the lockdown gave government teachers holidays and salaries, thanks to which a few relaxed teachers have a wealth of comfort. While the real teachers were worried about the future of their students, the businessmen were in a dilemma due to the work stoppage while the parents were worried and oppressed due to the graduation of their children.

If examined carefully, the apparent benefit and real harm of the lockdown is to the new plant. Due to the availability of free time, some have lost their mind, some have lost their body and some have lost their future. Most of the children were happy and satisfied that they got progress in the next class without papers. This progress also happened to some unfortunate students because due to prolonged lockdown, most of the children dropped out of education due to compulsion. Thus, Newton became the car mechanic of the future, who dreamed of becoming Einstein, he had to work, who was incomparable in arithmetic, he was given a wheelbarrow, the rest of the students were able to take advantage of the lockdown. While some of the girls were taught the great art of sewing and embroidery, some were taught how to cook and walk from house to house through marriage, while some hollows continued to flourish successfully.

In this way, some of the gentlemen who wanted to get a job after completing their education became Bahram dacoits, some Aries became dacoits, some formed their own gang and some had to embrace death, thus the duration of lockdown would be longer. The effects have been severe, now it is known that children hate education, Shafqat Mahmood has become a hero, mobile and laptop have become two arms of children, oppression has increased, unemployment has become a luxury. Marta Samandar is on the verge of eating the country, finally, the nation is paralyzed due to the lockdown,

We ask all the friends to get rid of this epidemic and grant us a peaceful life according to Islam.

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