Tightening The Timings On The XPG Lancer RGB DDR5-6000 Kit

Like Humour, It’s Not Higher Frequency; It’s About Your Timing

The XPG Lancer RGB 32GB DDR5-6000 kit consists of two 16GB DIMMs with timings of 40-40-40 under aluminium heatspreaders with RGB’s at the top to add shine to your system.  To test how the kit performs Neoseeker inserted it into a MSI MAG B660M Mortar WiFi with an Intel i7-12700KF and fired up the benchmarks.   If you’ve seen DDR5-6000 reviews before, you more or less know the results as the differences between DDR5 kits is minimal.

However, there is one thing that the XPG Lancer RGB 32GB DDR5-6000 kit does that we haven’t seen before; hit CAS 30.  Neoseeker weren’t able to increase the operating frequency successfully which could be the fault of the B660 chipset, but that wasn’t the interesting thing.  What was impressive was their ability to reduce the CAS latency to 30 which resulted in an increase in reads and writes of 15%, thanks to the 10ns reduction in latency.

You can see more details about this kit here.

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