Intel, Micron And Analog Would Like Funding Shared With The Semiconductor Alliance

They Are Asking For $52 Billion In Chip Funding From The Feds

The three large semiconductor companies are asking that the wealth be given to the recently formed Semiconductor Alliance, so that they can fund the creation of a National Semiconductor Technology Center.  This new body would then distribute the finding to deserving semiconductor manufacturers across the United States.  The idea of the NSTC came from MITRE Engenuity, the not-for-profit R&D group that is well known for managing the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures system used by almost everyone.

This is not a completely altruistic move on the part of the three major corporations, as they depend on other foundries to create some of the components on their products.  Intel has long been planning to increase the amount of foundries located within the US, with Micron and Analog Devices having similar goals.  If the equipment and parts that they need to run a successful fab were also to be produced en masse in the US, it would make their logistics significantly more efficient.

The funding has yet to be approved, but if it is we should expect to see more movement on fab developments in the US.

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