Free Elderly Games To Scroll Through While In Enemy Territory

Elder Scrolls Arena, and Daggerfall after it, were unique and for some rather scary as your graph paper was rendered almost useless in the dungeons and caves of Cyrodiil.  Travel back in time to before Skyrim was even a thought, prior to the Daedra taking a vacation from Oblivion and Morrowind was still a mysterious place to anyone but the Dunmer.  Find out just why you are dealing with the Emperor Uriel Septim’s decisions to this day.

You can also take a break from solo monster slaying to try out an old objective based multiplayer FPS that still plays well even if it might not support ray tracing.  Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was originally planned as an expansion to Return to Castle Wolfenstein but Bethesda decided to go a different way with it.  No matter how old your hardware has become thanks to the global chip shortage you will be able to get great frame rates on this classic shooter. 

All of these games are free to grab from Steam, so why not add them to your collection?

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