Cooler Master M2000 Platinum, When One Kilowatt Is Not Enough

Yes, You Need A 200–240 V Plug

Cooler Master were not willing to let SuperFlower be the only supplier of ridiculous PSUs, and have released the M2000 Platinum 2000W PSU.  This two kilowatt modular PSU is rated both 80 PLUS Platinum and Cybenetics Platinum, handy for something which pulls this much power.  The single 12V rail can provide up to 166A and this large sized PSU (150 x 85 x 180mm) is cooled by a 135mm double ball bearing fan.

TechPowerUp’s review shows that the PSU is perhaps less noisy than you might expect, producing 25 dBA with up to a 810W load and increasing to just over 45 dBA once the load approaches maximum.  On the other hand it is missing the new 12+4-pin PCIe connector for next generation GPUs, the load regulation is less than perfect and the vampire consumption is quite high.  On the other hand a seven year warranty, well thought out cables, reasonably quiet operation and overall solid power make this a good choice if you need this much power.

More on the M2000 Platinum can be found at TechPowerUp.

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