7Hz And Crinacle Form A Duet For The Salnotes Dioko Planar Magnetic IEMs

Fancy Some Pretty In Ear Monitors?

7Hz is another previously Chinese only audio product looking to make inroads into the North American market, in this case as a brand called Salnotes, in partnership with Crinacle.  The IEMs are quite impressive looking, from the fancy braided cables to the CNC-machined aluminium shells with sapphire-coated tempered glass covers.  The Salnotes Dioko package also includes a veritable rainbow of silicone tips.

The technical specs are also promising, the planer magnetic drivers are a unique 14.6 mm in size with N55 neodymium magnets doing the work.  The frequency response spans 5 Hz–40 kHz , with sensitivity of 106 dB/Vrms @1 kHz and a reasonable 16 Ω impedance.   TechPowerUp has done the work for you, so check out their review to see if the Salnotes Dioko are a good fit for you.

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