How to promote Fiverr Gig?

Hi, are you looking for a Fiverr specialist to get help in how to promote Fiverr Gig? Then you are in the right place and I am your Fiverr guide.

Do you work on Fiverr? Have you created an account and Gig on Fiverr? And are now thinking about how to get more orders so that you can start earning more and more quickly?


So you are in the right place. This article is written for you which will definitely be helpful if you read it carefully.

Now let’s get to the real topic of how to promote Fiverr Gig?


How to promote Fiverr Gig?

Friends, there are many ways to do this, some free and some paid. But before that, let me tell you one thing: Before promoting a Gig, you have made a Gig according to the Fiverr policy, and have you passed the test according to this Gig?


If yes then go next. Otherwise, If you want to pass the test with a good rating and marks, We will pass the test and in case of failure you will get your money back but one thing to keep in mind is that we pass the test on a daily basis. It is impossible to fail.


The benefit of the test is that the money you spend on promoting the Gig will be saved and your Gig will start promoting itself.

Now that you’ve passed the test and want to know how to promote Fiverr Gig?


Read the following steps carefully and follow the instructions:

There are several ways to promote Fiverr Gig. Here is some popular and easy way.


  • Share your Gigs in Facebook groups and let people know what you can do for them
  • Share your Gig with your personal friends on Facebook.
  • Share your Gig link as possible on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other popular social media sites as much as you can. Everybody uses social media these days, so there is a good chance that you will start getting orders on your Gig.


There are more than 8 Billion users approximately using social media. (Amazing haan!)


These are free methods where you can promote Fiverr Gig, There are high chances of getting an order that is very low because many people are offering the same services at cheaper rates than you.

But if you run a paid campaign then you will definitely have more chances to get orders than others. Because at a cheap price you Gig will get more impressions.


For example, if you are offering one service for twenty dollars and run Ads campaign for ten dollars, You will definitely get Four to Five orders. If you receive Five orders, you put ten dollars on the Ad, and if you receive a hundred dollars in the form of an order, then ninety dollars will be your profit.


Do you understand, what I have said? If you want more orders, you can run more Ads campaigns.


Here are some ways to run the Ads campaign to promote Fiver Gig:

  • Facebook Ad’s
  • Google Ad’s
  • YouTube Ad’s
  • Instagram Ad’s


To know how to run a campaign via Facebook, Google, Instagram, or Twitter please see the videos here.

Or you can show your Ads on any website like is a Top free classified website or somewhere else.


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