How to earn a decent income sitting at home?

Hi, my name is Shahzad, and today’s topic is how to earn a decent income sitting at home?
Friends, I have a great experience in the field of technology for the last 10 years, out of which in 3 years I have gained experience in Pakistan and I have been in Saudi Arabia for more than 7 years.


How to earn a decent income sitting at home?

I worked with very big companies, which are well-known brands all over the world. During this time I released that what is the best way to earn a decent income sitting at home.


In which article today we will discuss freelancing.

  • What is freelancing?
  • How does it work?
  • How freelancers can earn a decent income sitting at home?


Friends, many types of work come in freelancing as you can do typing jobs, data entry jobs, web designing, digital marketing, graphic designing, search engine optimization, article writing, etc.


The article you are reading right now has also been written by a freelancer, and he took $10 from us to write this article. Similarly, you can do such smart online work and earn a decent income sitting at home.

Apart from this, if you have experience in web designing/development you can create a copy website, and you can earn a decent income sitting at home.


In today’s era, if someone says I do not have investment to spend for setup to earn money by sitting at home, that’s why I cannot earn money online, then he is a stupid person. Because in today’s era Earning money online has become very very easy.


Thousands of videos or articles will be passing in front of you every day, but you will not have implemented them even once.

Friends, to earn money, it is necessary to have practice until you start working, just by thinking you can’t make money. Apart from this, I have many other examples through which you can earn money sitting at home. I have a friend who makes handmade things i.e. Crafts, and he sold that online and earned good decent money.


Another friend of mine makes videos on YouTube and trains people according to technology. He tells it how you can set the password on WhatsApp or how to secure WhatsApp, how to create a Facebook account, How people are earning money from YouTube or how to upload videos on YouTube etc.


He makes videos by sitting at home and uploaded to YouTube channels. People watch his videos, and he is earning a lot of money from this.


Similarly, you also can do the same things, and you will earn a lot of money.


One more example: I have a friend who makes happy birthday videos. It is 10 to 15 seconds, and he makes such videos by taking names of people like my name is Shahzad, then he will make a video for me by swinging for 10 to 15 seconds and will say Shahzad Happy Birthday to you.


So I will buy this video from him and show off my friend’s circle or my fans etc. to impress people. Similarly, you too can earn money by making small videos like this.


Now friends, come to the main point on which platform you will do freelancing, and from where you will get money?

Guys, you do not need to worry at all about that. There are many popular platforms that are already in action and millions of people are already working with them, in which some people are sending things, some people buy things, the most popular platform among them is,,, etc.


This is what most of you people in the world use. There are very big businesses to take advantage of them and a freelancer also earns money by sitting at home. There are two types of words in use, Seller & Buyer. Sellers are earning money by providing services and the buyer gets work done by sellers.


Guys, believe me, If you do this then you will definitely earn a good income. Just go there and create your account free of cost and start work today. If you face any difficulty in work, ask me in the comment section, and I will definitely reply. Bye-bye

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