How to create a professional Fiverr Gig?

In this article, I will try to cover step by step the basics of how to create a professional Fiverr Gig to get more orders.


There are a few things you need to keep in mind before writing a professional Gig:

  • 1: How many words should be in the post title?
  • 2: How to insert tags?
  • 3: How long should the description be?
  • 4: How to make a picture? Etc.


Now I will tell you all about them one by one in detail.


How to create a professional Fiverr Gig?

The maximum number of letters you can write in the Gig title is Eighty. Try to put your keyword once in the title.
Next comes the tags. Tags contain one or two words. Such as (Yellow Car, Honda Bike, Website Speed, Internet, Newspaper, etc.)

In the Gig description in which you can write a maximum of twelve hundred characters. You should try to use your keyboard as much as possible in the descriptions. Use the keyboard at least twice in the description and at most five, or six times. Do not use more than that.
Now you need to upload Gig images (Maximum 3 images are allowed). Which people will see on your Gig. Keep in mind before making an image I would suggest you that look at the different Gigs images of the rest of the people who have received a lot of orders on Gigs. So you can understand what kind of image you should make. In the same way, you can edit and put on your Gig. But create yourself now copy-paste. It’s called plagiarism which is not allowed by google.

One thing to consider when creating an image is the image that people click on and try to take a picture using a computer as it is very difficult to make a good image through mobile.

The popular software used to create an image on a computer are Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint, etc.

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