How to build a professional Fiverr profile?

If you are reading this post to get complete detail about how to build a professional Fiverr profile and surely you will more orders and you are on the right place.


There are a few things to keep in mind when you are ready to build a professional Fiverr profile.


How to build a professional Fiverr profile?


Read the following instructions carefully and make your Fiverr profile professional:

  • The first thing that most people don’t pay attention to is that when you are creating your account on Fiverr, keep the username of your profile as something that you have experienced. For example, if I specialize in SEO, then the profile name should be SEO Specialist. This is an example. You can write any name you want.
  • Secondly, your profile picture should look like you are really professional. No uploads of any regular or bad selfies. Try to make a professional photo. DP is very important to make the first impressions. The client will see your photo first.
  • Upload your photo so that your face can be easily seen
  • If you are building a profile as a company in which a lot of people want to work together, then the logo of the company should look clear so that the client thinks that you are really a professional team.
  • Be sure to attach your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc to increase trust that you are not fake. I will help the client to identify you and on the other hand, the Fiverr team will also trust you.
  • Your gigs may not be much, but if you make a single gig, it should be a professional gig.
  • Then you must take the test according to your gig. For example, if your gig is compatible with SEO, then you must take the SEO test.


We give tests on a daily basis so you can pass your test within one or two hours. The test will be really in the top 20.
After the pass, the test your profile will look professional.
Everything is done. Now, wait for your first order.

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