How I make $8000 per month? online? My Secret Success Story

In this blog, I want to share with you how I made $8000 per month online while I’m sitting at home, while I’m sleeping in the bed. In this article, I will teach you my Four strategies to make money online. So stay tuned and follow up with me.

Okay, friends! go directly to the point of my Four online income strategies.


How I make $8000 per month?


Strategies # 1:  YouTube
I have two YouTube channels and you can see one of my channels “IT Craft” which is the main channel.
I make around $1300 per 120,000 views. This is just an idea that how you can make money the same way.

Let’s explain in more detail how to increase YouTube revenue with some tips.

So this is the first income from my youtube channel. Also, I have another youtube channel which makes around $2000 per month. It’s managed by one of my friends and we share revenue.

I helped him in ranking the videos and giving him some tools and we share the revenue together.

So I have two YouTube channels makes me a couple of thousand dollars per month.


Strategies # 2: Udemy

If you go to my website “” you’ll find my premium courses. And I make around $4000 on “Udemy”.

I started making $4000 and next month I make $5000 by selling online short courses only.

So you can see how I market my courses and how I plan to make $5000 at least on “Udemy” using these digital marketing strategies.

So this is my second income which is my “Udemy” courses. Also if you visit my website “” you will find some special discounts where I provide the full bundle for $64. But I provide this offer for only 10 seats per month. where I showed that only four seats are left. In this way, I sell one of these packages every day or every two days. So this is about my “Udemy” courses selling promoting and selling this full bundle for $64 only the third income strategy.


Strategies # 3: Website

Let’s jump into the third strategy where I am using my website “” to sell some tools or services like the website SEO Tool. Where people just insert their website URL to get a full SEO audit of their website.

In the free edition, I offer only a few features but if they subscribe then they can get all premium features to get full SEO audit detail. this will help a lot of web developers to audit their own site or client website and then they can correct mistakes to make the website more attractive and user friendly and search engine friendly too. Google loves SEO-friendly websites and supports getting more traffic.
and this is a good income source for me where I have more than 180 subscribers every month and I charge $34-$60 for each.


Strategies # 4: Monetization 

My website is monetized by Google Adsense and some other plateforms and I generate income when someone sees ads on my website. So it’s giving somehow good monthly revenue from Google Adsense. So this is my fourth income strategy.

So you know how I am going step by step and moving slowly increasing the number of customers.

So these were my four income strategies to share with you. If you had any questions please comment below and I will reply to you. or if you still want to learn more ways to earn money online click here. Thank you

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