How I made $40K from $40 with Terra Luna overnight

Hi, what’s up you guys, It’s Shahzad G. here who actually made $40K from $40 with Terra Luna overnight after hell dump. so I just woke up today and things got really interesting with Terra Luna I received. some messages through the night uh people telling me hey Terra Luna is making some moves and we’re seeing that.

as we look through it today so we’re gonna go through tara luna and talk about how much I have made because I did sell some more Terra Luna, but I didn’t sell all of it. I still have a good portion but I did sell some more and collected some more money. Some realized gains and we’re gonna talk through exactly everything. I’m going to show you this time because I’m going to screen record my phone and then I’ll show you.

because if I show you a Metamask it’s just gonna show you the amount of Terra Luna that I hold the number of coins and not the dollar amount. so most people wouldn’t be able to figure that out and I guess some people might but most people I guess won’t.

we’re gonna talk about Terra Luna here. it’s something we need to talk about and have a considerable discussion about all the time or at least you know until we sort of figure some things out. it’s looking like things are starting to get pretty good with this position, especially for the people that bought it or bought in at the very low.

I just wish I would have bought more because it could have been absolutely crazy literally this is all done off of 40 and the original amount was 300 and then I turned that into another 500. that I realized it all decreased down to a very low price so then I decided to buy in and buy 63 million you know. it’s crazy.


let’s go ahead and talk about Terra Luna. it says in the coin market cap it’s up 1157 percent now.
I don’t know if this is 100% true that it’s up that much. I mean over the last 24 hours it looks pretty positive from there because things have grown from those low points. but from what I’m holding obviously if I saw the amount that I had from four thousand end up you know one thousand percent increase or one thousand one hundred percent increase or technically a 1100x right.

I would have seen the four thousand increase to a hell of a lot more to like forty thousand dollars. well, I didn’t see that. so I’m not seeing how this really fully applies but we’re definitely going to talk about this and it’s probably because the coin market cap just adjusted the price.


Terra Luna is starting to see some sort of I guess normality right. if we look at the overall market cap we’re looking at a 3.1 billion dollar market cap. Is what it’s saying on the coin market cap now. again things may be skewed a little bit depending on the information that comes in. if you look at the total market cap you’re looking at a three billion dollar market cap as well which is crazy that it would be lower. because there’s more total supply so something is going on with these numbers here.


but you can see here that the volume is up quite a bit it’s up to 5.2 billion dollars. 500x increase in volume but the one thing we wanted to look at that how is the chart moving. so if we go into the chart you can see that this looks insanely positive. we’re creating newer highs higher highs higher lows and it’s just a massive increase. so I saw my account get up to a higher point now.


I’m not saying this is the highest point that it will get to but i saw it at a high point I saw that opportunity to take a little bit more profit out of it. you know pocket a great deal. as I just posted a video yesterday talking about I turned forty dollars into six thousand. well, now I just turned forty dollars into over ten thousand dollars. This is insane.


just today you know four thousand dollars over four thousand dollars. I now have seven thousand four hundred twenty-five dollars and 72 cents. so total is well over ten thousand dollars within my account. Everything that came through here beside you know vault enu is all through terra luna.

Terra Luna is doing massive things right now and we don’t know exactly what their plan is. I know people are bullish on where terra luna is going and it’s good to be able to see that growth because we don’t want them to create any type of v2 or new coin. I know they said they’re looking to reset tara luna or the network and I don’t know how that’s supposed to go.

SO Terra Luna is making a huge move and it definitely is it looks freaking great now.


I gotta move me now Jesus kind of move me all over the place you’re gonna see that. I’m at 114 in the amount that I hold the 23 million that I hold is now worth 11000 so this just looks good, this looks phenomenal. I don’t know if it will continue to grow but terra luna has so much upside right.

now I’m happy that I actually made that move in there with only forty dollars. I’m upset at myself that I didn’t put three hundred dollars in at the bottom you know. I said that the max that I wanted to invest or risk was 500. I only risked 340. I should have risked 500 but I’m still making out on the deal. I still end up pocketing over four thousand dollars.

and having an unrealized gain I guess right now. we can look at and say the one thousand or one thousand one hundred and four thousand that we have is equal to five to fifteen thousand dollars. so instead of ten thousand or eleven thousand dollars, we’re looking at fifteen thousand dollars that we ended up gaining over this.

I could pocket it right now and pull out another eleven thousand dollars so
I’m definitely happy with the way things are going and turned forty dollars into fifteen thousand dollars. so that can be my title it’s crazy that this thing is moving so much.

I love you guys for there are a couple of people that have got in at the lows. There are a couple of people that are making the same moves that I’m making but it doesn’t hurt to take any type of profits.

The problem that you end up with. you know having is that you get to too high of a price and you believe in that it can go a lot higher or it can double from there or triple from there or quadruple from there. and you end up getting stuck because you’re not receiving anything out of it.

See the latest price of Terra Luna, here.

The money just sits there so anyways make sure you guys take some profits and you know be happy with yourself. you can see that it’s changing as we look at it but I will catch you guys in the next. Bye Bye.

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