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What is the best Free website hosting providers in 2022? Just that I signed up for a bunch of services if then we monitor their performance stability and the downsides of each one since this blog would be way too long if I talked about every single one. I’m only gonna talk about the ones that I like and I would recommend saving you some time the first entry on this list is infinity free.


I’ve created a website that looks just like this in about one hour of using their services all infinity free websites come with free see pal.
You can install WordPress or other content management systems as well. it’s definitely one of the better free providers but by no means perfect here’s the thing with my infinity free website.


I’ve also set up a Pingdom test that I’ve been running for a couple of weeks now this monitors my website 24/7 and lets me know.


when it’s offline in one week my infinity free website was offline for two hours scoring infinity free ninety-eight point-fifty four percent uptime two hours of downtime in a week is pretty much what you can expect with free hosting one of the biggest benefits and honestly the only reason.


I put infinity free on this list because they have no ads on your website the way you design it the way.


your website is going to stay of course there are plenty of ads in the affinity free dashboard and their webpage but I-don’t count those as a major downside-because AdBlock does block those and it’s very important to have your own the website without any third party ads and the other benefit is that if you already have a domain purchased.


somewhere else you can connect that to your infinity free web hosting for free-so your website will have a professional name instead of the one that infinity free gives you however if you don’t have a domain name purchased.


you’ll be stuck using something like this as your website name you can choose the name of your website during creation but it will always have this second part to it the thing is that infinity 3 claims to give you unlimited or well infinite bandwidth and storage and honestly.

Free website hosting

this is amazing because even some $20 per month for web hosting plans can’t keep up with these claims in theory if you have unlimited storage and bandwidth you can upload as much stuff as you want and your website will have no slowdowns doesn’t matter how many people are browsing at the same time.


but I’ll immediately call on these claims because if you go to their Terms of Service there’s a point that says sites must not use excessive amounts of server resources this include bandwidth and/or disk space for more information check out the high resource policy but there isn’t such a thing as a high resource policy posted anywhere.


so I have no idea what the true limitations of infinity free arm and the unlimited claims are a flat-out lie one of the most important questions for me when choosing a free service is well how to do it.


they make money and in Infinity freeze case they make a portion of their cash through ads on their website and dashboard which is completely ok but there are also very strong indicators that they’re actually selling your data.


if we would look at their privacy policy there’s this segment that states we may share your personal data with affiliated companies third parties and third-party service providers and the reason for sharing this data isn’t essential it’s for ads surveys demographic analysis basically spam if you desperately need a website with no ads on it I recommend you check out infinity free.


but be prepared to refresh the pages a lot because a lot of the things that should work from the first time well they simply bombed so it’s a bit for us and for legal reasons this next thing.


I say is just my observation in reality-they might not be doing this at all but there are strong indicators that they are selling your personal data and most likely the personal data of your users like names locations IP addresses age email addresses even payment information.


I would personally only use them for these spammy throwaway websites that you only need for a day or two and then you’re never gonna visit them ever again or you’re just simply learning how WordPress works or how the backend or web hosting works ok moving on we have zero zero zero web host a company has actually reviewed a year back on this channel and in this one year they’ve changed a lot not all changes were for the better.


I would say but in my opinion, there is still the best free web hosting provided available when it comes to WordPress, of course, using their services.


I was able to create a website just like this in a reasonable amount of time I would say and all you need to do is create a free account and you’ll have WordPress installed on it automatically so there’s not that much work involved.


I’ve just uninstalled absolutely everything that came with my automatic installation and created the website using an Astra theme template.


if you want to learn how to do this yourself.


I’ll have a guide right here but I’ll be using this website to perform all the performance tests since everything was working correctly I could actually do these speed tests.


I’ve used the GD metrics to perform a speed test on my site and it loaded in eight point six seconds for a reference the same exact website with paid plans even cheap one dollar ones from hosting er close around-two to three times faster.


I’ve also done a stability test using Pingdom and my zero zero zero web host website was online for the majority of the time slight problems here and there but it was decent as far as free providers go in-one week my website was down for an hour in total but this Panda cross 55 micro outages for one or two minutes at a time scoring zero zero zero web host ninety-nine point two percent uptime well obviously the performance isn’t anything amazing but come on it’s the free product of course.


You’ll have limitations in place they don’t want for you to use it forever they want for you to keep upgrading the only reason I put above infinity free is because of their health policy you seem to zero zero zero web host is owned by hosting Europe another web hosting company and the only ads you’ll see on zero zero zero web host is for hosting girl that’s how they make their money they convert some amount of free users into paying ones eventually and this is good news for you because that means zero zero zero web host unlike in infinitive realize of upgrades to make most of their money and they won’t collect and sell your data just like in infinitive three allegedly of course allegedly.


I have no proof of this but it is in their privacy policies so hello man overall zero zero zero web host has a really nice interface to work with you can see various statistics about your website and resource usage-you can also connect a domain to your website for free if you already have one this will change your website name from this gibberish to something nicer.


if you’re someone who’s never created a website before I would say that zero zero zero web host is actually a nice platform to play around with but obviously not in a million years.


I would actually suggest you host an actual website on there because cheap web hosting is always better than free web hosting and even their upgrade plans are much better than their free options the hosting care plans are a great start and option.


I’ll leave the link for them down in the description below where you can get a discount by using the code using a cheap hosting instead of a free one will allow.


you to have all the premium options available like email addresses and a domain name while getting roughly two to three times faster loading time and no outages the third option on this list isn’t actually a web hosting company it’s a website builder that allows you to build your website and then they post it for free as a part of the package.


if you click the link below you’ll be able to create your website using drag and drop tools completely free of charge and Wix will host it on the internet for you Wix offers by far the easiest way to create your website but they also come with the most limitations to create your website you have a ton of free templates to choose from and editing templates is really easy just simple drag and drop and double-clicking will do everything you needed to do since.


you cannot install anything extra on your websites like WordPress or other content management systems.


you’re stuck with the tools of excuse you due to the nature of how these websites are built with drag and drop tools editor it’s really hard to optimize them for speed meaning Wix will load slow but it will look nice here is the speed test results from one of the websites built using Wix my website loaded in nineteen point three-seconds which is really really slow visually.


it definitely doesn’t take twenty seconds to load so my best guess is that the tool that I’m using is having a hard time determining the true speed of weeks due to the of nature how it’s built in terms of stability Wix performed the best 100% uptime during the whole week know how to just whatsoever one of the biggest disadvantages of using Wix.


however, is that you’ll always have this huge freaking banner at the top of your website letting everyone know that this website was designed using Wix and since they don’t have tools like the file manager or a database you’re pretty much stuck with a website that just looks pretty but isn’t very functional.


you’re not gonna be able to add like login forms and extend its functionality like that I would say that Wix definitely has the best user experience for a free service.


it never crashed on me everything worth just as advertised but it was by far the most limiting you can’t even connect your own domain for free you have to pay for that so you’re stuck using this like gibberish at the top for your website name ok time for some real talk trying to set up free web hosting has been honestly one of the most frustrating things.


I’ve done a while now I’ve done web hosting for a long time.


I know how things are supposed to work and spending one to two hours on things that you take three or four minutes is genuinely infuriating in my opinion cheap is always better than free because when you buy a cheap web hosting service you keep the right to complain about it the hosting provider is accountable for their actions the cottages delete your website and say oops sorry on the other hand.


if you’re getting a free service you forfeit any right to complain you have they can do whatever they won’t sell your data delete your website add advertisements on it at any point it’s not your website.


It’s your design it’s your content but ultimately it’s their website honestly free web hosting services are only good for learning stuff without the fear of breaking them if you’re serious about your website.


I strongly recommend you check out cheap web hosting services instead of hosting or inter-server.


I leave the reviews for both of those services at the end of this video but for now, good luck setting up your free websites and I think you’ll need them.
I’ll see in the next video

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