Benefits of massaging with a facial esthetic

Many people do self-massage because they want to have beautiful skin and a small face, but self-care causes redness and pigmentation due to excessive force and causes slack and wrinkles by cutting muscle fibers. It may become.


On the other hand, the massage performed by facial esthetics is performed by a professional esthetician with moderate force such as rubbing, stroking, or tapping.

By doing so, you can expect the effect of working on the muscles under the skin and improving the flow of blood and lymph. By improving the flow of blood and lymph, it promotes the discharge of waste products and excess water accumulated on the face to eliminate swelling and activates metabolism to smooth skin turnover.


In addition, it has the effect of improving the penetration of nutrients and beauty ingredients that are effective for the skin, so regular visits to facial treatments will lead to beautiful skin and a small face effect.

You can also get a relaxing effect and relieve stress.

There are various types of facial massages, such as those aimed at activating metabolism and relaxation, those that improve lymphatic flow, and those that push acupoints to relieve muscle fatigue and lift up.


Some beauty treatment salons use ultrasonic machines, and the effects differ depending on the type, so it is important to choose the beauty salon that suits your worries.

It is also important to find a beauty treatment salon that you can trust, as it is important to relax in order to be effective.

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