6 Powerful Fiverr Gigs ideas for beginners to start making money online free?

In this article 6 Fiverr Gigs ideas for beginners to start making money online today what’s nice in this blog. I will share with you the idea and how to implement it. How to apply it and share with you my experience have said the pricing how to deliver and everything else stay tuned and follow up with me.


Hi everyone, I’m Shahzad and today I am more than happy to be with you in this new article today. I will share with you some new easy and simple Gigs ideas to start making money online on Fiverr or maybe on Upwork, Freelancer, AnyTask, or maybe sell your own services like I do and you will read in this article.


So now let’s stop talking and wasting time and go directly to our point and start with the first Gigs idea for today.


1. Number one is content research (CR) or content planning (CP):

What is this? To make things simple for you anyone now on the internet who has a blog or a YouTube Channel is publishing content.


So obviously all those people need content ideas as an example. If you go here to my YouTube Channel “IT Craft” let’s go to my YouTube Channel to give a direct example Let’s say I am your client in this service in particular Gig so my Channel “I T Craft” is about “Digital Marketing” and online business. So in my case, I want content ideas about digital marketing and online business.


You will get me a list of content ideas and a full plan of ideas that I can use to publish content for one month or two months or maybe one year so you’ll save me a lot of time and effort thinking and searching about content ideas now you may tell me.


Fiverr Gigs ideas for beginners

I don’t know about digital marketing maybe I don’t know about every niche every topic on this planet how do I do this don’t worry you will use one simple tool and like 30 minutes to provide this awesome service that people really will love to buy your service because you will save them a lot of time looking in my case this is my YouTube plan. I have around 55 content video ideas to publish on my YouTube Channel “IT Craft”.


So I don’t worry about thinking of new videos and so on every day. I have my list from now till two or three months I don’t need to think about anything I just get the idea and create the video about it so what is your role here? To provide this service is to give the client a full list of content ideas for his blog or his YouTube Channel.


Let’s talk more in-depth with the same example. I am your client I have this YouTube Channel IT Craft and I have my videos that talk about digital marketing, IT & networking, web development, online earning, and online business so you can see here in my videos also write articles on digital marketing, IT & networking, web development, online earning an online business here.


So I contacted you please generate a list of content ideas that are useful to me to my Channel and to my blog I need around 50 content ideas what you will do now?


Simply you will go to “H-Supertools” and the first thing you are going to do is to go to the YouTube keyword tool even if it’s a blog don’t worry go to this tool why simply because this YouTube keyword tool will not give you only suggestions it will give you content related ideas so in my case I am talking about digital as an example digital marketing you write here digital marketing.


So I contacted you asked you for 50 content ideas about digital marketing go down here to this table and you will see now 293 keywords or ideas that you can get from this table what’s nice here is it will give you the monthly search volume on YouTube and the difficulty on YouTube so you will use these metrics to get the best ideas.

Let’s go down there and you’ll see digital marketing training and so on.


If you scroll down and see some related topics now you can see content marketing SEO social media marketing you can see here marketing strategy marketing analytics video marketing email marketing you can see how these are related topics related to content ideas not only keyword suggestions.


Fiverr Gigs ideas for beginners

We can find their search engine optimization digital marketing trends so all these are topics that we can provide to the client to create content about these are content ideas believe me this is very important. I faced this problem when I created my YouTube Channel “IT Craft” and my blog.


I needed content ideas and when I found enough tools then I provide the service to help clients. So you can use the service to provide Gigs to your clients really it’s very helpful and they will love to get the service from you.


Now, how do choose the best keywords? Simply you can search for keywords or topics with high monthly search volume like this one “what is digital marketing” which has around 90,000 search volumes on YouTube and as a difficulty medium below four.


So it’s a good opportunity to give for him so simply you copy this keyword copy you open this excel sheet and you create this table the idea the Google search volume YouTube search volume and YouTube difficulty and CPC we’ll talk about this later you paste this idea like what is digital marketing and you paste the search volume here of YouTube where is the search volume?


So this is really very important for making money online for him for your client so you will help him make more money also by choosing the best keywords for with a high CPC I will mention this in a little bit so in this way you get ideas search volume data YouTube search volume and so on and you fill this table with the number of content ideas that your client requested from you.


Also “Keyword Research” that also you can go to the SEO keyword research tool in the same way and find now target keywords on Google so write digital marketing again and set the country and the language you want and you can enable deep search for around 150 keywords click search and in the same way.


Now it will give you around 100 keyword ideas that are related to Google this will help those who have a blog and you give them more content ideas from this search here in the same way you can find the monthly volume and so on.


So I think this is somehow simple you just need to train yourself for one-two day on this tool and provide this service for your clients also have a great tool here which is the questions explorer.


So in the same way you can give your client a list of questions that people are asking on Google or on YouTube as an example you can also say digital marketing set the country if you won’t let’s say global now and click search now it will give you a lot of questions ideas like what questions, when questions, why questions, how questions, all these are content ideas related to digital marketing then you can simply copy this list as an example and go to SEO bulk keyword data tool and paste here.


Then get the search volume data for all these keywords and check the best keywords and paste them into this table here then provide them to your client so use these three tools to generate this list of content ideas.


“One last tip is about the CPC why the CPC is important and you need to tell this to your clients so he will know that you understand things and you are really helping him as I explained in my blog “Two AdSense Tips” to increase your monthly revenue when you choose keywords with ha with high CPC your AdSense your revenue from ads will be higher as an example if you search now for email marketing let’s say united states here as an example and click on search. You will see how the CPC is higher.”


So if someone clicks on your ad and it’s about email marketing you will earn around 50% of this number while if your content idea is about for example food or whatever how to cook you will see the CPC is somehow low it’s $2 so choosing the right keywords the right content ideas will help your client also increase his revenue from ads and this is really very important you are helping him make more money.


So this is our first service before we move on to the next one I want to mention a small diagram about pricing what you can do in-this service is to provide three models or three add-ons the first one as an example is you provide-a schedule for 30 content ideas.


Maybe for only YouTube as an example for $20 or thirty dollars-then, the second add-on or the second package will be like for $50 or $60 content ideas and you can add the Google search result metrics for him for $60 as an example and you can give them maybe the gold package for 100 content ideas like for $90 with all the metrics and so on.


So you can play with this service as you want and provide the best value for your customers so this is number one I think the service is really great we have millions and millions of website owners we have millions of YouTube Channel owners who want content ideas and don’t know about these tricks so we can take advantage of this situation to provide this service on Fiverr or any freelancing website.



2. Let’s now move on to the second big idea which is providing or selling ad spaces and backlinks on your website.


If you go now to pkwhistle.com you will see I provide this service to promote your business with CPM-based native ads what is the service simply it’s selling an ads space on my website you can see.


Here in the service, I will publish your ad banner on my website with around 150,000 views per month so in exchange for 150,000 impressions for his ad he would pay $90. It’s about $100 for 150,000 views where I will publish this Ad?


On my website “pkwhistle.com” you can see I am selling hundreds of ad spaces. So it’s simply selling an ad on your website.


Why it’s CPM based he will not pay per click he will pay per view so for every 1000 views he is paying around 0.6 or 0.7 dollars now this pricing depends on your website and its traffic how much traffic do you have and the countries from where visitors are coming if your website like has %80 or %90 traffic from the U.S then you can charge more like $2 or $3 for 1,000 impressions and so on.


In my case, since I have like 30% or 40% only from the U.S and the others from other countries so I am providing the service for a cheaper price now later on if I get more visitors from us or from the top countries in the world. I may increase this price so this is how things work you can sell an ad space now you may tell me how you technically do this?


In my case on this website, I do this manually because I developed this website from scratch so I do this provide from my own source code from my application but in case you have a website like WordPress as an example let’s go to my WordPress blog if you have WordPress blog you can use plugins like advanced ads which are free by the way for the free version.


You can create new ad spaces and publish them on your websites in my case I am publishing my own ads and if you open any blog post you will see also some ads you can see so you can sell ad spaces on your website.


Now you may tell me hey Shahzad my problem is that I have no traffic how can I sell ad spaces and I have no traffic?


Don’t worry if you go here to my Channel “IT Craft” now. And you will see I have lots of videos there fast and free traffic top seven methods go and watch that video you will see I shared with you seven methods that can get you daily thousands of visitors thousands of new visitors from the first day believe me go and check this video and test by yourself.

I do this for my own website and I shared with you this in that video there is no magic here these are seven real methods that work with anyone.


If you apply them correctly go and watch that video and I am sure you will get traffic from today so this is the second service. Which is selling ad spaces or backlinks what do you mean by backlinks?


Maybe you can sell a backlink and not an ad space for example you can see in this article you are reading that I have multiple backlinks for someone. Simply mentioning a link for another website will help him in SEO and ranking on Google.


Also, you can provide another service like PPC service which is pay per click so that client will pay only when he clicks you can obviously increase the cost like $2 or $3 per one click on his ad so you have two options CPM based ads or PPC based ads on your website.

Maybe now you ask me how I can manage all these if I have a website.


I want to publish ad spaces and run campaigns and monitor how many impressions monitor, how many clicks, and provide statistics and reports for my clients, and so on?


So you need an advanced system and provide really an advanced service to your clients and be somehow special with your service and not like any other one on Fiverr or freelancing websites you can do this by setting up an ad server for your website and the easiest way is to get a service like Ad Server Online that will provide you a full system for you to run campaigns and monitor everything.


So you can create reports and give your client a detailed report about how many clicks how many views everything in detail you can provide to your clients.



3. Let’s now move on to service or Gig idea number three is simply setting up a WordPress website.

Now maybe you will think I don’t know anything about WordPress. I don’t know anything about programming or setting up or hosting or so on.

Don’t worry about anything just sign up with digitalocean cloud you will get around $100 for one month to test anything you want and you can test exactly what I am doing right now totally for free so in digitalocean after you sign up we can simply create a droplet. Create a droplet and then you can simply set up a WordPress website.


Go to marketplace and then select WordPress you see this just select WordPress and go down and select a size for the machine this depends on the client’s needs he may tell you.


I want a machine for $10, $5, and so on you select the machine and then simply select the region where you want this website to be like in the U.S in London and so on you select the place and set the password. Let’s set the password and then go down and click create a droplet and now digitalocean will do everything for you.


Now you will have a full WordPress website to give to your client and this website is hosted on a VPS service so it’s somehow a premium service you can give to your clients a premium hosting a premium WordPress hosting to your client and that’s it you have your WordPress website and you can access.


I have a small tip for you that may increase your revenue a lot if you go to my settings in the digital ocean you will find in the referrals you can see I am I earned around $2,000 out of $60,000 who sign up through my link so what you can do also here is to provide the referral link from your account in digital ocean and give to your client to sign up with his own account and then you will earn free credits in the digital ocean.


In my case, I have $1,000+ in my account for free I can resell these for another client and I can provide a WordPress hosting for like $100 per year and I don’t pay anything it’s free because I earned this with my with the affiliate program in the digital ocean this is also a very important tip as you can also use it in the digital ocean or any other similar web cloud service in my case I use digital ocean because I think it’s somehow simple and I use it like now four years and everything is set up here you can see my h-educate website.


I have around five services I have online storage space for my domain and so on so this is the third service that you can provide to your clients to set up a WordPress VPS hosting service.



4. Idea number four is “Canva”

Canva is an awesome website and an awesome service that you can use to provide not only one service may be more than 10 services.

If you go to Canva to create a design you will see you can create a blog, graphic, YouTube thumbnail, videos, blog banners, Facebook ads, YouTube Channel art, Instagram post, logos, infographics, cards, flyers, whatever each one of these you can provide as a service.


Now in this article, I will share with you what I do in Canva the first service you can provide is creating YouTube thumbnails. Simply just go to YouTube thumbnail templates and you will see a lot of templates you can just click on whatever you like and just change the text and give it back to your client go down to this other YouTube thumbnail change the text and give it back to your client it depends on what your client’s YouTube Channel is about?


So on so all these are templates to create free YouTube thumbnails and provide as a service to your clients another thing you can do here is to create. You can design whatever you want. To create a new design no need to be a special design you can simply choose a category and just change the title and the name and provide it back to your client and so on.


You have a lot of options there to provide create a new design Instagram post. You’ll see also a lot of templates about Instagram you just click, edit and save and provide to your client. There’s another one you have a lot of templates to use.

Hundreds of thousands of templates are ready to use directly and create Instagram posts, Facebook ads, YouTube thumbnails, YouTube Channel, art books, covers, and maybe full books all these designs are already inside Canva so you can provide them as a service.


I can’t cover now all these services now if you are interested in covering in detail a certain service please visit my official YouTube channel “IT Craft” and you will find a complete playlist about how to earn money using Canva?


So as a small piece of advice from me if you want to utilize Canva and take advantage of Canva to provide graphic services I advise you to go with the premium versions it’s around $11 per month but you will have a lot of options for services templates and you can really provide a special service for your clients so this is about Canva and service number four.



5. Let’s move on now to service number Five about image background remover.

You can use it to remove the background and keep only my body this is an awesome service also you can provide us a dedicated service for anyone who wants to remove a background from the image you just open the website “remove.bg”. Just upload your image and in one click you can remove the background perfectly.

Give back this image to your client within a few seconds and that’s it.


So you this idea number 5 in which you can create a Gig on Fiverr that I will remove image background professionally.



6. Let’s move on now to service number six hosting a PHP script.

It somehow looks technical say Shahzad I don’t know how to host websites or I don’t know what is PHP I am not a programmer or developer and so on.

No need to be a developer to host a PHP script no need to be a tech guy to host a PHP script we have a lot of people who go to websites like code canyon and buy a script PHP script a .net script a WordPress plugin and so on so in this service you can simply tell the client, hey I will host and set up the PHP script for you.


Of course in this article, I will not cover the step-by-step guide because I already created a blog covering a step-by-step guide on how to host a PHP script. You will find it in the description below so just go in 15 minutes or 10 minutes you will learn.


Now how to host a PHP script and provide this as a service on Fiverr this is Gigs number Six. Let’s move on to the last Gigs now which is selling SAAS services as Gigs.


I am also providing “SAAS service” as a Gig or as a service on Fiverr. This requires nothing from me just creating accounts you can do this also in your scenario by setting up such systems how I do this simply.


Go to code canyon to PHP scripts and search for SAAS and then you will find a lot of ready PHP scripts full applications that are ready to use and just you need to host them and start providing for your clients. Now inside codecanyon find a beautiful script and buy that with a regular license.


For example, you have bought a script for $59 but you will not have the ability to charge clients inside this service even if it’s a SAAS service you need to buy the extended license which costs $400 but by providing this application as a Gigs like in my case you will not need to buy an extended license because you are providing it as a service so you can create the account manually and sell to your client for a certain cost that will be paid using Fiverr or manually in your website.


So this is also a very important tip a lot of people asked me when they watched my videos or read an article about starting an online business SAAS service asked me we need to buy the extended license.


No, you don’t need to buy the extended license for the first period you can provide this as a service like I do and create accounts manually now later on when you have like 1,000 clients or 500 clients or 200 clients you can go and buy this license if you want to scale your business.


So these are six Gigs ideas to start today for beginners on Fiverr or any freelancing website.


Now there’s an important question you may ask me, hey Shahzad okay now we have the ideas we publish them but unfortunately, we don’t have any clients no one knows about us how we can promote our Gigs promote our services?

Don’t worry I know this is a problem for everyone this is why I created a full video on how to create your Fiverr Gig?
You will find it here on my YouTube Channel “IT Craft”. A full tutorial on how to start and promote your Fiverr Gigs and get your first clients also I explained how to grow with zero audiences here on my Channel even if you have no audience how to start and where to start.


I hope you enjoyed the article don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel “IT Craft” and turn on notifications to get every new update.

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