3 powerful tips to get visitors back to your website

People come to your website but why don’t they keep coming back?

Hey everyone, I’m Shahzad G. and today I’m going to teach you how to get more returning visitors.

Let’s directly jump to know which are the 3 powerful tips to get visitors back to your website?


Strategy # 1: Remarket your visitors
This is the first thing that you can do is remarket your visitors using Google AdWords or Facebook. What you can do is every time someone’s on Google, Facebook, or even YouTube, they’ll see an ad that brings them back to your website.

If you’re selling a product or service this is one of the best things you can do because the people who are more likely to buy aren’t just random people who haven’t been to your website. It’s people who’ve already been there once, they already know you. You’ve already built some sort of trust at least.

So when they come back to your site they’re much more likely to convert again if you’re selling a paid product or a service. Or you’re collecting leads remarketing is well worth it.


Strategy # 2: Collecting Emails
Using “Hello Bar” you can collect emails through Exit Popups, Sliders, Content Upgrades, and a lot of other different various options, such as even bars at the top of your website that scrolls with the user.

It’s up to you what method you want to use to collect the emails.

But once you collect them you can keep emailing those people back on new content that you have. So that way they keep coming back to your website.


Strategy # 3: Push Notifications
Using a service called “Push Crew” you can put push notifications. So that way when someone’s browsing your website it’ll ask them, “Hey would you like to subscribe through your browser?”

They click yes.

Then when they’re browsing any website on the web let’s say in their chrome browser. They’ll get a quick notification that says “Hey come back to “BozBlogs.com website.”

If you use those three strategies you can get people back to your website very easily and you will get good results.


Hopefully, you like this short and powerful guide but if you have questions please leave a comment below and I will reply to you. But if still, you need to learn more techniques please read this short article by clicking here.

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