3,000-year-old shark attack victim is oldest ever discovered

Experts from the University of Oxford made the discovery while studying the remains of an adult male excavated from the Tsukumo site near Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, which were covered in traumatic injuries to his arms, legs, front of chest and abdomen. “We were initially flummoxed by what could have caused at least 790 deep, […]

UK says it would sail into Crimean waters again, a day after naval confrontation with Russia

Environment secretary George Eustice disputed claims from Moscow that Russian warplanes dropped bombs and a patrol boat fired warning shots at a British destroyer it claims entered into its territorial waters in the Black Sea. “This is a very normal thing,” Eustice told Sky News. “It’s quite common, actually, what was actually going on is […]

A multi-story building in Surfside, Florida, has partially collapsed, authorities say

“#MDFR is on scene of a partial building collapse near 88 Street & Collins Avenue.” the agency said in a tweet. The scene is in Surfside, a few miles north of Miami Beach. In a separate news release, it said more than 80 rescue units were at the location, including Technical Rescue Teams, along with […]

This ‘nano factory’ fits inside a shipping container

The company has over 300 factories in 69 countries, but this is its first experiment with what it calls a “nano” or “travel” factory. Mass production lines allow manufacturers to make large quantities of products but using the same facilities to produce smaller batches of goods — to test new ideas or to meet seasonal […]

Taiwan’s foreign minister says ‘we need to prepare’ for military conflict with China

The incursion — by 28 Chinese warplanes including fighter jets and bombers — did not violate Taiwanese sovereign airspace or international law, but it was seen as show of strength by China’s People’s Liberation Army. “As Taiwan decision makers, we cannot take any chances, we have to be prepared,” Wu told CNN in Taipei on […]

Japan’s top court rules couples must use the same surname

The couples had argued that the provisions were discriminatory, pointing to growing public support for allowing married people to use different surnames. It’s not the first time this debate has come up — the Supreme Court rejected a similar lawsuit in 2015, filed by five plaintiffs who wanted to make it easier for women to […]

Afghanistan is disintegrating fast as Biden’s troop withdrawal continues

Now, the militants are back at the city gates once again, as part of a lightning offensive against Afghan government forces that has set alarm bells ringing from Kabul to Washington. One by one, the Taliban has been taking over areas in a number of provinces in northern Afghanistan in recent weeks, local officials told […]

Former Philippine President Benigno Aquino dies age 61

Popularly known as “Noynoy,” Aquino was the country’s 15th president, serving from 2010 to 2016 following the death of his mother, former President and democracy icon Corazon Aquino. He died at the Capitol Medical Center near the capital Manila, Philippine News Agency reported, adding that his family will release a statement soon. An economist by […]

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